Welcome to my site!

Originally fearfear was created as a dj night in Charleston, South Carolina beginning in 2004.  At that point the site was used to draw in patrons to the club where we were spinning records.  The dj night ran for a 4 years before the fearfear moniker branched out and became an arts and music promotion and production entity.  We created art shows and worked with venues to promote local and emerging artists.

The philosophy behind the name fearfear was the idea that we have nothing to fear but fear its self.  Fearfear is about being brave and doing things that make you uncomfortable and learning and growing from the experience.

After leaving Charleston the site was continued as a home for my artwork.  It’s been through many iterations and we are finally here.  The site’s current incarnation as you see it is part blog, part archive, and partly an attempt to show my work as a design professional, and to advertise my services as a dj.  I thank you for visiting, please take some time to look around.



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